Award-Winning Series

Discover dogged reporting and powerful testimony.
Social Issues


Probing look into youth concussions in Oregon high schools by InvestigateWest and Pamplin Media was used as a basis for Reveal's podcast episode "Lasting Impact."
Social Issues

Foster Care

Documenting the latest turmoil in Washington's child-welfare system, we reveal that foster kids are kept by state in hotels at a record rate.
Social Issues

Unequal Justice

More than a decade of Oregon court data shows people of color remain unfairly treated in the criminal justice system.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation

InvestigateWest's coverage was used as the basis of EarthFix's YouTube video: "Why is Hanford the Cold War's hot mess?"

Journalism with Impact

Discover how InvestigateWest equips the public to make change.
State Laws Passed

Secondhand Chemo

Reporting on health care providers exposed to toxics in the workplace has led to two state laws protecting worker health in Washington.
Tracking Influence

Water Quality Standards

Reporting on Washington's process to update its water pollution limits and protect people who reel in dinner from local waterways.
Immediate Results

Profiting from Thrift

Reporting on the largest U.S. for-profit thrift store chain's payments to charity led to consumer complaints and government inquiries.
Safety Improvements

Exhausted at School

Reporting on toxic road pollution and its effect on student health has led to changes at Seattle Schools and the Health Department.