Publish Our Stories

Yes, unless otherwise noted, you’re welcome to republish InvestigateWest’s original articles and photographs for free, provided you follow just a few conditions: 

  • You have to credit both the author and InvestigateWest in the byline. We prefer “Author Name, InvestigateWest.”
  • You have to include the tagline provided at the end of the article, which typically reads, “InvestigateWest ( is an independent news nonprofit dedicated to investigative journalism in the Pacific Northwest. Visit to sign up for weekly updates.”
  • You can write your own headlines as long as they accurately reflect the story.
  • You can’t edit our work except to reflect your own editorial style or to update time elements (changing “yesterday” to “last week,” for instance). 
  • You can use InvestigateWest artwork (photos, illustrations, etc.) only if you publish them alongside the stories with which they originally appeared and do not change them. 
  • If you share our stories on social media, we’d appreciate being tagged in your posts. 

Keep in mind: InvestigateWest sometimes republishes articles from other news outlets and we have no authority to grant republication permission. These stories are identifiable by their bylines and other credits.