Photographs of Smoky Seattle: 2020

Editor’s note: Wildfires are growing in frequency and intensity, threatening our landscape, our lifestyle and our health. “Smoky Skies, Altered Lives” probes how the upsurge in fire and smoke fueled by climate change puts us at risk, and how restoring the health of our forests could make a difference.  

















Black Lives Matter, and What We Can Do


Dear Friends,

So much has been said, posted, and shared in the past week, and InvestigateWest must add our voice to both document this moment as journalists and bear witness as human beings. Americans George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor died because the systems created to protect citizens were not built for people with their skin color. They were not the first to die, and tragically, they will not be the last. We need to make change, now. Here are our promised next steps:

InvestigateWest will continue to provide strong investigative coverage of social justice stories about people of color, but rededicate ourselves to coverage more widely and frequently, and in conversation with the communities we cover.

Foster care reporting led to six new state laws, $48 million in funding

InvestigateWest’s sustained in-depth coverage of a crisis of historic proportions in Washington state’s foster care system was instrumental in spurring six new state laws, including one setting up a new state agency to renew state efforts to help abused and neglected children and teenagers. The work also spurred $48 million in new state funding for the foster care system.

Celebrating 10 years of journalism that’s making a difference

InvestigateWest focuses on the environment, public health and government accountability, producing deeply reported news stories while also exploring potential solutions. Our work has resulted in new laws in Washington to protect health care workers, the environment and foster kids, and was cited in 2017 by the Washington Post as influencing a wide-ranging new law in Oregon intended to promote justice for minorities.

2nd season launches for InvestigateWest “Finding Fixes” podcast on opioid-addiction solutions

Finding Fixes, InvestigateWest’s podcast that seeks out solutions to the opioid addiction crisis, debuts its second season today (10/15/19). It is set in Western Washington as well as in Gloucester, Mass., and Philadelphia. Radio journalists Anna Boiko-Weyrauch and Kyle Norris are behind the podcast, which was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition and drew attention from as far away as France.