Ethiopian activists: PM Zenawi in Copenhagen to collect cash, not fight climate change

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  • George Clark says:

    This set of 3 interviews is gripping. What is not said, and surely should be, is that ancient tribal hostility between the Galla & Ogaden is being played out – which is a very frightening matter.

    The young men deserve much credit for daring to speak, and I’m wondering if Mr. Kelly knows more about them. If so, I would be very interested to hear it. Where, for instance, are they presently living? How have their families been directly affected by what is happening?

  • Abdi Halgame says:

    Melez Zenawi is a know murderer whoses army kill, maim, rape and torture innocent people. The people of Ogaden under occupation for over 60 years demand to have their freedom. They will not allow their natural resources to be exploited by a country they are not part of. The ogdaen people have suffered and are suffering worse (a million times) than those in Darfur, Southern Sudan and Eastimor. The people of Ogaden are disppointed with politicians like Obama for sitting and negotiating onbehalf of Africa with men like Melez Zenawi. He killed 200 demonstrators and has jailed opposition parties in Ethiopia. I hate the double standard shown by the west. Please continue to give voice to the voiceless in the world and visit Ogadenia (I know Melez will not let you into Ogaden)to see for yourself the plight of teh Ogaden people especialy the raped women and burnt villages. Please also watch the international campaign by the Ogaden people in disapora at
    Abdi Halgame, Manchester UK

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