Can technology save us from global warming?

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  • Pam says:

    Absolutely. We have been so fixated on greenhouse gases that we have forgotten that it is the essential web of life and all species within it that must be rebalanced if we are to survive. If we refocus on that, and our human behaviors which are devastating this planet, global warming will take care of itself as we become more conscious and aware of this undebateable fact…WITHOUT NATURE WE DO NOT EXIST!

  • Global warming is affecting every country in some way or another. It’s high time that we take some steps or else it would get too late.

  • Peter Maier says:

    Technology eventually will provide solutions, but only after we first set the criteria for solutions and have established a goal.

    The criteria for alternative energy should be:
    1. Not impose a public health threat, due to air pollution.
    2. Its generation should have a minimum impact of the earth’s biosphere.
    3. The energy should be able to be stored and only used as needed.

    Many will claim that these criteria can not be met, but when one looks at how life on earth for millions of years has used water, not only as a source for organic matter, but also for energy, one wonders why we, with our present knowledge of science, can not use the same energy principle.

    Autotrophic life (life using carbon dioxide as a source for carbon) uses the energy of the sun to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released, while the hydrogen is used to create organic matter. Heterotrophic life (life using organic carbon as a source of carbon) releases the energy in organic matter (thereby releasing the hydrogen) and uses oxygen to bind the hydrogen back into water.

    Our present energy policies are based on the chemical oxidation of organic matter, either growing on earth or stored as fossil fuel for millions of years in the earth. This burning, besides impacting the earth biosphere and causing air pollution, is clearly unsustainable, especially based on the rate this consumption is occurring during the past century.

    So why not follow Nature’s own principle and establish a hydrogen/oxygen based energy economy, while applying technology to achieve this goal.
    President Kennedy set the goal to go to the moon, but only then did technology achieve that goal.

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