6 thoughts on “A supposedly sustainable fishery is harming Native Alaskans

  1. This the reality of things folks and hurts my end of the world. Western Alaska is taking it hard at the price of as what Bill Twit (Washington’s rep)of the Council says”we are providing rich, cheap Omega 3 food to the world.
    I say that this is bad for our people, our culture and our society of family oriented food gathering which in turn has a once independent people on public assistance.
    Tax payers should hammering on the NPFMC and telling the members to restore the once abundant King Salmon runs of the Mighty Yukon And Kuskokuim rivers as well as the once numerous Chum, Coho, Sockeye and King salmon runs back to the Norton Sound and Seward Peninsula rivers.
    It’s criminal what our government is doing to its own people.
    Remember the story of the Great Plains Indians and the Millions of Buffalo that were slaughtered in the 1800’s? That was done to control the Great Plains Indian Tribes into submission. Are we repeating history folks?

  2. Great article. What is being done to Bering Sea salmon, halibut and crab resources, the habitat and coastal Alaska communities that have depended on those resources for thousands of years by the multinationally owned trawl industry is unAmerican. It is a crime against humanity.

  3. The author means Alaskan Native, not Native American, when referring to the aboriginal people in Alaska. It is also important to recognize the trawl fishery impacts on chinook snd chum stocks returning to the transboundary Yukon River – the bycatch or “incidental catch” in the trawl fishery often limits traditional Alaskan Native snd First Nations commercial and subsistence fisheries all the way into Cansda. We just need to limit the number of trawlers and put a hard limit on their bycatch.

  4. You do realize that many of these trawlers are owned by Native owned and operated Community Development Groups. CDQ groups are the richest entities in Alaska. The CEO of Coastal Villages makes over a million dollars a year. Their slogan is – POLLOCK Provides

    Bristol Bay CDQ group lists in their annual report all the trawlers they own, with pictures. They title: How we stay afloat.

    Norton Sound CDQ group owns the largest catcher processor in the world.

    Your article is simply too black and white – flash with no food value – like McDonalds.

    • Welcome coastal folks to the reality we in the marine conservation community warned you against during the rise of power by the Wall Street led “American Fisheries” company. They and the ITQ brokers sold you “all fisheries for one and one fishery for all” support for the factory trawlers attacking those of us opposing their horrendous bycatch as they planned for your extinction.

      Wall Street traders do not care about fish, any fish, or any fishery unless they are making money on it or are holding it to make money on it in the future. The traders and raiders are concerned only with short term money and long term avoidance of responsibility. The Factory trawlers renamed themselves twice (American Factory Trawlers Association, Alaska Factory Trawlers Association) and when Alaskans saw what the factory trawlers were doing to their fisheries and turned against them, they morphed into the At Sea Processors Association).

      As to the “ownership” of the current factory trawl fleet by Native Alaskan village corporations, or regional corporations and their dependence on their part of the fleet, I would encourage InvestigateWest to uncover the guaranteed purchase contracts that the corporations that sold the vessels to the Alaska Natives imposed in return for the vessels and the percentage of the profits on the capture and sale of the target fish that the contract owners have compared to the percentage held by the Native corporations. They might also want to investigate who has the liability for losses of any and all kinds resulting from ownership of the vessels in the fleet.

      When the factory trawlers buy you off, you get what you paid for whether you knew all of what you were selling or not.

      It is way past time to raise hell, shut down the industry compliant NPFMC and demand Alaska’s fish back for Alaskans. It can be done. Be political. Don’t let the big money offered to the politicians in Alaska and Washington to destroy your rights and your cultures, Native and non-native alike. Let NOAA, the Department of Commerce, the White House and all of the Presidential candidates of both parties.

  5. Thank you for the comments. We did indeed amend the article to reflect proper terminology for Native Alaskans, thanks for flagging that.

    Regarding CDQ investments in trawl, we are aware of those investments. CDQ bycatch is separately regulated, however. The numbers above derive from non-CDQ sources only.