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Utah clears way for more depleted uranium waste

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So how’s this for a conundrum? Utah state officials have refused to stop EnergySolutions from accepting more radioactive waste, despite environmentalists’ pleas for a moratorium on such shipments until the safety of depleted uranium is decided. This week, the Utah Radiation Control Board voted that the shipments can continue until the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission finishes deciding how to classify depleted uranium on the nation’s radiation danger scale, reports Patty Henetz of the Salt Lake Tribune.

The officials said they didn’t think the waste posed an immediate danger, but if the feds decide it does, well, then, they’ll have EnergySolutions remove it.

Opponents argue that logic is a little scrambled, as in it’s tough to unscramble an egg.

The decision to allow the waste to continue going to the Tooele County site could mean the Tooele County site, which has already accepted 49,000 metric tons of depleted uranium, will get an additional 14,000 more from South Carolina.

Carol Smith

Carol Smith


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