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Greens and gearheads can find common ground

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High Country News senior editor Ray Ring invites the Wilderness Society to drive a hella big pickup truck loaded with ATVs and dirt bikes into the heart of the beast – off-road meet-ups. The challenge – spread the message of the wildnerness movement to those other users of the wilderness. Ring notes that the Wilderness Society has been looking to hire a “public lands recreation policy advisor,”  a position that would ” help shape national policy direction for off-road vehicles … and recreation issues on public lands,” and he suggests a new strategy — looking for common ground.

“The wilderness movement tends toward absolutes,”he writes. “It would certainly benefit from adopting a ‘we have things in common’ strategy, especially if it’s presented in an outrageously theatrical way. Let’s rev it up!”

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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