About Us

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InvestigateWest offers a new ‘studio’ model for watchdog journalism that enriches our community. We invest in original reporting — on public health, the environment, and government accountability — and produce powerful stories with a clear bearing on public policy.

As a partner to commercial media and public broadcasters, we reach a diverse public and increase the capacity for fact-based reporting in our region.

Our nonprofit mission is to strengthen communities, engage citizens in civic life, and help set the policy agenda in the Northwest by producing powerful, independent investigative and explanatory journalism.

How we work

InvestigateWest was founded in 2009 after the close of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. In the five years since, we have worked to establish a nonprofit model for public-service journalism where none existed before, publishing more than three dozen stories last year that were read, watched or listened to nearly 3.8 million times.

We focus on the environment, public health, and government accountability. We publish original stories that equip the public to participate in our democracy and allow other news outlets to pursue consequential journalism. In 2013, we worked with reporters and editors in more than a dozen newsrooms.

The case for support

For a century, nearly all the original reporting in the U.S. happened at newspapers. Then starting in 2008, an estimated $4 billion disappeared from newsroom payrolls — including more than 1,500 newspaper jobs in the Pacific Northwest.

Against that backdrop InvestigateWest is pioneering a powerful new journalism studio model to educate and equip the public on consequential issues. We participate in bold ideas to create a new market for investigative journalism and we are asking for public investment to help us grow.

InvestigateWest’s revenue comes from individual philanthropy, foundation grants, and program income, including content licensing fees.

Impact and awards

Since 2009, InvestigateWest's journalism has directly led to a healthier, safer and more transparent Pacific Northwest, including two first-in-the-nation state laws to protect the environment and workers' health.

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Our journalism has also won nearly three-dozen state, regional and national journalism awards since we began publishing. Our work and our staff have been honored for exceptional reporting, technical innovation, and creative storytelling.

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