Trump appointees short-circuited grid modernization to help the coal industry

In 2018, Trump appointees short-circuited U.S. grid modernization to help the coal industry by suppressing the Interconnections Seam Study. The study showed that a “supergrid” capable of shipping bulk power across the U.S. would save consumers $3.6 billion every year, accelerate the growth of renewable energy, and eliminate up to 35 megatons of CO2 emissions – the single biggest contributor to climate change.

Do high-rises built from wood guarantee climate benefits?

Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is being hailed as a more sustainable building alternative to steel and concrete, but some experts say that the issue is more complicated. Despite no solid proof that CLT will help slow climate change, building firms and plants see it as a weapon against climate change while experts worry that the health of forests, which are already suffering from warmer temperatures and more frequent wildfires, could be at risk.