Covering Your Climate: A Source Toolbox for Climate Change Reporting in the Emerald Corridor

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Visitor7/ Wikimedia Commons

Oregon is working to strengthen coast highways facing bluff erosion. Above, a washout north of Newport on the Oregon Coast Highway in 2013.

As part of our special report “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor,” a joint project between InvestigateWest and the Society of Environmental Journalists’ SEJournal, we’ve collected a wide range of resources to help reporters track down climate stories throughout the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find an array of government, academic and nongovernmental organization links for Oregon, including Portland; Washington, including Seattle; and British Columbia, including Vancouver, as well as from regional, national and international resources.

Oregon climate resources

Academia & Nongovernmental Organizations

City of Portland & Multnomah County

Washington climate resources

Candice Emmons / NOAA Fisheries

Southern resident killer whales on Feb. 25, 2015. Puget Sound’s killer whales face extinction mainly due to dwindling numbers of their main food source, Chinook salmon. Toxic waters, too-close vessels and noise pollution number among other threats.

Academia & NGOs

City of Seattle & King County

Province of British Columbia climate resources

Academia & NGOs

City of Vancouver 

Pacific Northwest climate resources 

U.S. climate resources

International climate resources

U.S. climate news aggregators



National climate newsletters 

National energy newsletters 

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