2 thoughts on “Help! I’ve been poisoned by stormwater!

  1. Robert, you’ve stumbled (maybe yawned) onto something – environmental reporting as performance art. You could be the world’s first Sturmwasser artist. Maybe I’m callous from my time as an art critic but I want to read more of this. How about a piece on swimming in the Duwamish?

    Or this: I dare you to have your hair and blood analyzed for mercury, PCBs, lead, etc. and report your results.

    (Seriously, a drop or two of iodine in water will rid your blood of toxic residue. Take 300 mg of alpha lipoic acid supplement to detox the heavy metals.)

    • Laura, thanks so much for noticing my brush with death. And…. hey, if this journalism thing doesn’t work out, I now know I could go into performance art. Very reassuring. No Speedos for me, though. Will that hurt my chances? :>)
      As for swimming in the Duwamish, that’s what interns are for: http://bit.ly/9cCSGF
      Keep the faith,