Are elephants more valuable dead or alive? The African dilemma

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One Comment

  • Dear John Mbaria,

    I just read your excellent article that points out the complexity of the situation of African Human-Elephant coexistence. As you noticed it, we are facing an important dilemna : Elephants are to be preserved for what they are (endangered magnificient species) but also for the natural habitats of their home range, which are ecosystems absolutely useful to maintain healthy our environnement providing us with free vital services – At the same time, the human population is growing and we need space and natural ressources to develop – How can we meet these 2 objectives, apparently in opposition ? save space for elephants, wildlife, natural ecosystems and use space and natural ressources for development. Fact is, I think, that today we have no easy solution and future can not be foreseen – will elephants die out or not from now to 2050 ? will our environnement will be healthy enough to provide us with vital ecological services ?

    This dilemna is both African and global and everyone should be involved in the required decision making process. For this reason we are focusing on environmental education to raise awareness about this complex problem, especially among children of the elephant range countries. The programme “My Elephant Neighbour” is presented on – hoping that the more we talk about this issue, the quicker a solution will come up !!

    Best Wishes

    Julien Marchais

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