What are your nominations for the environmental problems sociologists should study?

By April 8, 2010March 19th, 20153 Comments


  • Susan K. Godfrey says:

    My nomination is Consumerism. Recommended viewing: Anne Leonard’s 20-minute animation, “The Story of Stuff”, an eye-opening explanation of the impacts of this behavior on the planet.

  • Betsy Schultz says:

    I agree completely about Low Impact Development with rain gardens and have used Composting toilets in public parks. We need to reduce habit of moving human waste, storm water, and compostable yard waste to other locations and use existing techniques to treat them on-site.

  • Stuart Jenner says:

    A few years ago I was in Sonoma County, California. The local papers had lots of ads for composting toilets. I have seen these advertised in McClendons hardware ads locally. Think about how much a sewage connection is going to cost when Brightwater goes online, and the amount this adds to a typical house or condo or apartment’s cost, making housing less affordable. Here’s one big opportunity to help the environment, make housing more affordable and reduce the amount of debt taxpayers are backing. Maybe sociologists could look at “what does it take to get people to consider new alternatives in housing construction?” “Danish earth saving toilets” sounds a lot better than “night soil” so the brand/ image is definitely a part of the solution.

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