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The Huffington Post features InvestigateWest in an article about life after newspapers

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Bill Lucey of The Huffington Post featured InvestigateWest in an article about nonprofit investigative journalism in an age of declining for-profit newsrooms.

Lucey, a former South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter, began the interview by asking what it was like to watch the Seattle Post-Intelligencer close.  To be frank, it was horrible.  

But I've replaced that memory with a year of hard work at InvestigateWest. InvestigateWest has already published in-depth stories about the environment with and about social justice with, KUOW-FM and the Spokesman-Review.  

We've received support from some of the most sterling foundations out there — from the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation for our Pacific Northwest Network, from The Bullitt Foundation for our environmental reporting, from the Fund for Investigative Journalism for an upcoming story about government mishandling of our most treasured lands, and from KUOW's Program Venture Fund about Native efforts to stem the tide of drug abuse.  

We've collaborated with the Center for Public Integrity to reveal the frustrating lack of justice for sexual assault victims on campuses in the first major partnership of the Investigative News Network we both helped launch.

In short, we're not looking back.  Thanks to Bill Lucey for highlighting what we've worked so hard to achieve.  

None of it would be possible without the support of our citizen members.  If you'd like to invest in the future of the Pacific Northwest, support InvestigateWest's efforts to produce independent nonprofit journalism about the environment, health and social justice.

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