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Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal kill enviro-news blogs – is there a need for them?

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  • Thanks for writing about the Christian Science Monitor’s Bright Green Blog. One clarification: Bright Green wasn’t the Monitor’s very first blog. There have been a few others before me; however, the last one had been discontinued about two years before I launched my blog in 2008, and that’s why I wrote that the Monitor was a blog-free publication at the time.

  • Kelly Kirkland says:

    If environmental news is not a specialty, then I think it should be considered one of the main pillars of science writing. When journalists who don’t understand science write about environmental issues–especially global climate change–they miss the mark. Too many articles have simply covered the controversies stirred up by political figures (who also don’t understand the science) rather than helping citizens understand the science and how it can help us make good policy decisions. The lack of overwhelming public outrage about climate change and clear ideas for energy policy has a lot to do with how poorly climate change science has been covered in the media. We need fewer vapid articles about “going green” and more articles that include phrases like “parts per million”.

    PS – here’s my favorite example of good science writing, environmental and otherwise:

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