Autism explosion starts to look like “It’s the environment, stupid” (not the vaccinations)

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  • Very interersting article. I am sure this will get the attention of a lot of families. I look forward to the day when we finally know without a doubt what causes autism.

  • Nice job, Robert! We’ve linked to your story in the news section of

  • EV VanderWeil says:

    The Puget Sound area also has a skyrocketing rate of autism diagnosis and this has been a topic of quite a few discussions with friends and colleagues, including professionals who work with autistic kids. Our current hypothesis has to do with evolution and technology. The areas highlighted in this blog, as well as Puget Sound, are technological “boomtowns” – places where a lot of “geeks” work and live, and have kids. I’ve worked at Microsoft and experienced first-hand the high percentage of people with high-functioning (as far as jobs go) autism. These folks make A LOT of money, they create their own cultures, they create our online “socializing,” and, due to their money and influence, they are very attractive as mates – regardless of their physical appearance or relationship abilities. Anecdotal stories confirm again and again that autistic adults, largely undiagnosed and financially successful within the tech realm, are having more autistic kids at a greater rate due to their new attractiveness in the computer age.

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