The short but interesting (and climate-clobbering) life of methane, that *other* greenhouse gas

By January 27, 2010March 19th, 2015One Comment

One Comment

  • Peter Maier says:

    Although I am 73 years old, but the elements (mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen) making up my body are as old as the universe, while they are only part of my body for a few weeks. Biological life basically is a continuous recycling of these elements and in order to understand what is happening in the biosphere it is essential to understand the lifecycles of these elements. When one deals with human impact on the biosphere, it is essential to evaluate how these cycles are impacted by such behavior.
    Focusing on one specific process, certainly understandable, because it is easy and draws a lot of attention, only is causing confusion with as result that the general public does not care any longer, neither their representatives.

    While reading all the information presented to me, I feel like comfortable sitting in a fast moving train looking out of the window watching for a few second at the problems and then moving on. It seems that stopping the train, getting out and solve the problem is not any longer a solution in this age of information.

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