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Toxic parking lots shed dust that boosts kids’ cancer risk, InvestigateWest says in major story

By January 12, 2010March 19th, 20154 Comments


  • Gavin May says:

    Now that this commonly used sealant/sealcoat has been found to be toxic; is there a product available that protects against this? I was planning on sealcoating my own driveway this spring but am plannig otherwise until I can find a sealant that does not have this issue.

    • Tom Ennis says:


      I manage our efforts on the coal tar sealant ban in Austin. While we don’t endorse products per se, we have a list of sealants on our website that do not contain coal tar. Many are available throughout the country. Good luck.


  • ROBERT BEETS says:

    I think it’s great that you are looking out for our health. I saw your article on TOXIC DUST and will inform others.
    I was wondering if you take suggestions on other “potentially” hazardous materials that are being sold and used in homes and offices throughout America. I know of such and don’t know how to investigate or get the word out. Please respond if you are interested.
    Thank You Robert Beets

  • Way to go – happy to see this new investigative journalism getting some traction. A scary story too.

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