Copenhagen climate talks’ backstory: Ethiopia PM accused of genocide is top African negotiator

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  • George Clark says:

    Truly in the moment and on the mark.


  • alemayehu tedros says:

    Africans did not select or elect Meles as their leader. It is Europe and America that are constantly pushing him on the world stage and before media as “leader of Africa”. They are able to get away with with the hype because Ethiopia has been, up until Meles, a champion of African causes. So Meles is NOT smart, just an obedient servant and Europe and America have selected him decades ago to do their bidding. It is amazing that you, Akaki Zeraf, insult Africans as morons. It is you and your like that has destroyed and undermined the Ethiopian opposition’s ability to remove Meles by turning on the people who are on your side instead of focusing on the real culprits. YOU ARE THE MORON! Ethiopians and Africans are united in their struggle against Meles and his sponsors. Morons like Akaki will not deter or divide us. God Bless Africa.

  • Waa sidaas says:

    Ethiopian Dictator should be in Hague for crimes against humanity . He has Ethiopians from all ethnic background. This man is truly evil by all means. He has killed at least 2 million and has destroyed the lives of 80 million Ethiopians. This man is not elected by Ethiopians or Africans but is only sitting on his chair because he is supported by CIA and Americanmillitary.

    We say to The world No money for Warlord Melez Tegesse Zenawi.
    We say to CIA please leave Africa alone

  • George Clark says:

    Alemayehu Tedros –

    Please tell us more about Akaki Zeraf.

    I agree with your statement that the West has kept Meles in power during most of the past 25 years.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sadiq Abdirahman says:

    I read this brilliant piece after coming back from watching a heartbreaking documentary called “Silent Cry” that was run in my city of Minneapolis, MN. The documentary is about the unabated human rights violations against the Ogaden civilians in Ethiopia. Over the seven hundred people who attended the event, there were no dry faces in the auditorium. These people are Ethiopian citizens who live within the sovereign borders and they’re suffering tremendously under this brutal regime led by Meles Zenawi. The Ethiopian military personal are unleashed to rape women, kill the men, bury the children, burn homes, block food deliveries, and systematically chase civilians out of their homes. What is happening in Ogaden is very similar to the situation in Darfur, but no one cares. It is very sad that the west picks and chooses its friends based on political interest not a human rights principles that they claim to stand for , as in this case clearly demonstrates Meles Zenawi belongs in the Hague not Copenhagen representing Africa. Thank you Alexander Kelly for taking the time to cover this tragic human story.

  • Girmawit Dewit says:

    Extra-judicial killings, rape, disappearances, destruction of livelihood and the displacement of thousands of Ogaden people are the daily norm in ETHIOPIA and a common knowledge. One can read the Human Rights Watch’s report titled Collective Punishment of war crimes and crimes against humanity to see the full picture.
    What I don’t understand is why we are silent about it?

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