Gregoire at Copenhagen climate talks: Green energy the way to rescue economy

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  • George Clark says:

    Here Mr. Kelly succeeds at getting the Governor off of her stock optimism speech, and he does it well without puffery or ruffling her feathers. He asks meaningful, challenging questions, and to her credit she admits there is already a lot of pain that may well get worse for both citizens and the environment despite her undefined hope that things will get better.

    Does anyone know what the Governor means when she says that the state of Washington is “the leading trader?”

  • jay M Becker says:

    Leading trader means Washington is more dependent on trade with other countries, and hence on jobs depended on globalization, than any other state. I’m not sure this is 100% accruate because so much depends on what you include as “connected”, but it has to be close.

  • rmcclure says:

    George: You were right. I posted the same video on two different segments of the Gregoire interview. I’ve posted the right one here now to match the intro. The problem is that your comment … which was quite appropos for the video I originally posted here … now belongs to the video in our third post:

    Same goes for you, Jay.

    My apologies,

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