African dust bringing toxic chemicals to U.S., Caribbean; is it killing corals? Hurting people?

By November 24, 2009March 19th, 20153 Comments


  • Airborne dust from China also contains chromium, a highly toxic substance like asbestos. (Asbestos contains chromium.) Much of our industrial chrome- and metal-plating has been outsourced to China. I noticed air on west coast seemed much cleaner during the Olympics, as factories were shut down. Does China care about people’s lungs? Do we?

  • Dan Eagle says:

    Soil2O Dust Control mixed with water will knock this dust down immediately. Non-corrosive and non-toxic, it can be air-dropped as well. Harmless to all flora and fauna! True 21st Century dust control technology! … problem…….

  • Steve Andrews says:

    Try chemhaze, chemclouds, chemtrails, stratospheric aerosol spraying of heavy metals, primarily, aluminum, as the cause of the toxic air around the world, not African dust!

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