Industry lobbyists torpedoed Copenhagen climate pact, eight-nation investigation by journalists shows

By November 6, 2009March 19th, 2015One Comment

One Comment

  • Howard Garrett says:

    Robert, I’m interested to know who the “entrenched interests worldwide” are.

    If it’s true that the CEO’s of the major multi-national corporations are hired by boards of directors, and that those boards of directors are appointed by majority shareholders of the corporations, then it should be possible to trace the names of those shareholders who determine the strategies, policies and corporate cultures in banking, oil, coal, auto, media, chemical, agribusiness, shipping, insurance, shipping, weapons, etc. I think that would be a fascinating investigation, and it would probably reveal that essentially the same few individuals and families own and control all those industries.

    Given that they effectively determine our economic options and even what we can say and what we know and don’t know, it would be very helpful to know who they are, how they got to those positions, how they relate to each other and how they think. I’m not suggesting they should be punished, just that they should be daylighted so we can make decisions and strategies to bring our economies and philosophies under democratic control.

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