Climate change — it’s a national security issue, ya know

By October 10, 2009March 19th, 2015One Comment

One Comment

  • Peter Maier says:

    NASA bombed the moon to see if there is water, because if there is water the moon could become a base for further space exploration. Why, because water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen, by using sun energy and thus the base will have plenty of oxygen to breath and hydrogen for energy.

    Where did they learn this? Here on earth where for millions of years this form of energy sustained biological life. The next question should be, why not use the same principle here on Earth where we already have water and sunlight and other sustainable sources of energy to split water?

    The answer is the same as why we will not have universal health insurance, since those in control (among them the fossil fuel industries) will fight tooth and nail to defend the status quo, even if that will kill people.

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