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Las Vegas police help deport illegal immigrants

By October 8, 2009March 19th, 20152 Comments

Since November, the Las Vegas police department has helped initiate deportation proceedings agains nearly 2,000  illegal immigrants who are inmates in the Clark County Detention Center.

In a new partnership that blends criminal law and immigration law enforcement,  Las Vegas police report the names of violent offenders believed to be in the U.S. illegally to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Clark County program is narrower in scope than that of Maricopa County in Arizona, where police officers can arrest people for immigration violations.  However, once someone has been arrested in Clark County on unrelated charges, they can be screened for possible deportation. 

A Las Vegas police spokesman said  an inmate’s criminal history affects whether they initiate deportation proceedings.  Another 1,800 inmates who are illegal immigrants were not reported because they had no violent criminal history.

Critics of the partnership call it tantamount to racial profiling; they say the police’s double duty will deter Hispanic community members from reporting crimes.


  • Belaware Bob says:

    Every illegal in this Country should be deported or forced to leave this Country, but I guess if I was an illegal alien, I would want to come here to. I would have my children paid for when born and FREE healh care. I would be able to take jobs from Americans and send lots of money out of this Country to my Country. My children would get FREE schooling, and FREE lunches. I would get welfare for my little anchor paid for by the American taxpayer. I could get public housing, like obama’s aunt. I would have the right to demonstrate on American soil for amnesty and the ACLU would be on my side if anyone stepped on my civil rights.

    Oh, the benefits are great!

    Now, after reading that, would you say illegal aliens have it better than Americans?

    Get rid of those illegal aliens! They have no right to be in this Country! They are destroying our Country and if you can’t see that, you are having trouble with your eye sight.


  • Everybody has the right to pursuit their happiness ether you like it or not!were all humans and there are times when you cant help the fact that your illegal.Think about it this way there are people that were brought here by their parents when they were babies.You had no choice but to come here with them. And here you went to school learned english,eventually gragauted from school. And after high school you want to make something out of yourself because you know one day the day will come when your going to have a family to support and you cant go to college because you have no green card. You know as much as any other legal peorson or sometimes even more and your taken away the right to be sucessful because you are illegal something you didn’t even have fault of.Then maybe you make a mistake. You end up in jail and all of a sudden they tell you your being deported.Your goin somewere youve never been before.
    Your scared,sad,mad,you miss your family and have the thought in your head like what am i goin to do alone in a place were i know for a fact i cant be as peacful as here in the U.S,because your used to here youve been here your entire life. You deserve another chance,we all do.

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