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Can San Jose withstand Big Chemical? Don’t follow Seattle’s example

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So Seattle residents were swayed by Big Chemical money in an Aug. 18 ballot measure on whether one-use bags should be subject to fees. But San Jose is moving closer to becoming the largest American city to ban not only plastic shopping bags – but also most paper ones, reports the San Jose Mercury News. Under the proposal, grocery stores and big-box retailers would be prohibited from giving out plastic bags. Paper bags would be allowed, but only for a fee.

The San Jose City Council will now take up the issue as soon as November, thanks to a unanimous recommendation Monday by a four-member council committee. If approved it would take effect in 2011.

The American Chemistry Council has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars working to defeat bans and fees in other cities and other groups have filed lawsuits on behalf of the plastic industry. In Seattle, the group spent more than $1 million, noted seattlepi.com columnist Joel Connelly, who urges the city’s residents to get even, not mad.  Let’s see how this one goes down in San Jose.

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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