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Too friendly griz has a date with a bullet

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A grizzly bear that acts like a big rangy hound is about to meet her maker, and that’s stirring up some controversy in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Protesters are camping out to call attention to the impending ‘murder,’ and forced removal of the bear’s two yearling cubs to zoos. But park rangers say for 10 years they’ve tried everything – all sorts of behavior modification techniques – but the bear, called ‘Old Man Lake female’ just won’t stop trailing along after hikers, nosing up against nylon tents, sniffing out campsite dinners.  They describe her as “disturbingly friendly,” and fear she’ll maul a hiker, or teach her cubs to haunt campsites and become problem bears themselves. Read Michael Jamison’s engaging story about the life – and death – of a grizzly in the Missoulian.

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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