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Let’s shoot ’em, but they’re soooo cute…

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Should we name him Rafe? Or Jasper? Or Daciana for that cute little ‘girl’ wolf puppy over there? What a funny lot we humans are. Look at us, as we ooh and coo, reflected through that glass plate window at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center this week at Yellowstone Park.

While the debate rages throughout the states of Idaho and Montana about about how many of the once-endangered wolves to kill this season, and media attention worldwide focuses on state game officials as they set their quotas, and environmental groups as they decide whether to sue to stop the hunts, and hunters as they keep a wary eye on whether the quotas are large enough to protect the elk they love to hunt, some of us have another obsession just now…. the welcoming of brother and sister wolf pups to a zoo of sorts at the Yellowstone Park visitors center, displayed to human visitors for the first time last week, according to a report in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Montana set its quota of 75 wolves last month, and Idaho will set its quota next month. Meanwhile, Idaho’s Fish and Game Commissioner warns that quota or no quota, there will be a wolf hunt in his state this year. Meanwhile, this little guy and gal are fed milk, raw meat and lamb and rice puppy chow.  And a public vote is planned to pick their names.

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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