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Health care mini-riots – grass roots or corporate shill?

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Square State, a progressive political blog for Colorado, is advising Coloradans on how to respond to the mini riots that are being orchestrated by corporate anti-health care reform forces at the town hall meetings that members of Congress – mostly Dems — are hosting in their home states. Writes blogger “Something the Dog Said” :  “If we don’t push our agenda, report the results and most importantly show the other side for the anti-democratic, anti-citizen corporate funded shills they are, then we are not really achieving anything.”

The suggestions include getting supporters to turn out, being polite and courteous, dressing in similar clothes, practicing your question, telling your personal story, sitting up front, not rising to the bait, and so on. “We want the impression of the pro-reform folks (you know, most of the nation) to be one of sane, earnest concern and attention. This will make the antics of the anti-reformers look that much worse.”

Stay tuned as this so-American political drama plays itself out.

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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