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Safe, green commuting

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In Boise they’re all about cycling as a form of green commuting these days. State Sen. Elliott Werk, who became a bike commuter when gas prices rose, would like to see the state make these changes in the law:

  • A 3-feet-to-pass law. The bill would allow motorists to cross the center line, when it’s safe, to allow 3 feet of passing distance near cyclists
  • A law making it illegal to throw things at or harass cyclists.
  •  An extra fine for bicyclists who break traffic laws. When a cyclist gets a ticket, an added $50 fee would assessed. The money would go into a fund to promote bicycling safety and infrastructure improvements.

He’s one of five panelist scheduled to attended a workshop today to discuss, including Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, according to the Idaho Statesman. Yes, that Kristin Armstrong. No, not that Kristin Armstrong.

Rita Hibbard

Rita Hibbard


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