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‘Stumptown’ Is Spreading; who’ll save trees?

By June 30, 2009November 7th, 2017No Comments

Columnist Andy Parker of The Oregonian has an interesting piece of news that makes us wonder how well things are going for Oregon’s supposedly wonderful growth-management law: Towns outside the urban growth boundary suddenly see a need to pass ordinances to protect their tree canopy.  Long known by the derisive dismissal “Stumptown,” Oregon’s largest city was long ago denuded of most of its trees, some of which were  up to 40 feet in diameter. Now that phenom seems headed for outlying Washington and Clackamas counties. Parker sums up a new report: “Some cities are doing admirable jobs of establishing and enforcing tree codes that set high bars for preserving tree canopy. Yet, in our two fast-growing counties, we do virtually nothing to preserve trees.” http://bit.ly/2wy9j7

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