About Us

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InvestigateWest is a new model for investigative journalism for on the Pacific Northwest. We are a nonprofit studio founded in 2009 to strengthen communities, engage citizens in civic life, and help set the policy agenda through powerful, independent journalism.

The old model that supported rigorous public service reporting has collapsed. Thousands of reporting jobs have simply vanished in the Northwest, and along with them the in-depth, investigative reporting and memorable storytelling that keeps citizens informed about the issues that shape their lives and equipped with the information to do something about it.

Investigative reporting takes time, resources and talent that many traditional news outlets can no longer afford. We continue that work in new, innovative ways. 

Our accomplished staff and contributors combine a passion for watchdog journalism with a rich fluency in how modern technology is creating new ways to connect with the public and, yes, pay for public interest reporting. InvestigateWest is supported by a diverse stream of revenue from individual donors, licensing frees from news outlets, and national and local foundations.

Since 2009, our reporting has directly brought about three new public safety laws in Washington State, new sexual assault policies at Reed College, and more than a dozen significant actions by city, state and federal agencies.

In 2012, more than 1.25 million people read, watched or listened to stories that we produced or published.

InvestigateWest is also committed to the future of watchdog journalism. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with reporters in public and commercial newsrooms to increase their capacity for watchdog reporting and maintain an active internship program with local universities.

The Pacific Northwest, for those of us who live here now, or whose spirits remain here even if we’ve moved elsewhere, is a unique place of enormous diversity, fragile beauty, and complex history. Beyond a place, it is also an identity. The fault lines that underlie our geography also lace us and our fates together. The people who call this region home have always relied on a rich tradition of storytelling.

At InvestigateWest, we tell the story of the Pacific Northwest for the 21st Century.