2 thoughts on “Super-toxic rat poisons mysteriously seep into our world

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article. Please add any info that may help the public take action to get these rodenticides locked up better. Also adding any information to help protect owls would be great. I know they are also being harmed by higher and higher amounts of light pollution here in our beautiful Northwest.

  2. I rescue Barn Owls. They nest in haystacks here in the Columbia Basin of Central Washington and around March when the weather breaks, the haystacks get sold and last year I raised 30-hatched one myself! But the reason I am writing is because I am located in Manson, WA on Lake Chelan. Wineries are popping up all over the place, replacing the apple industry. In California a wine maker uses Barn Owls for rodent control. (Google tommy51). My goal was to get growers interested, throw some boxes up-maybe throw a video feed so people could watch (see Molly the barn owl) anyway, I got on the radio with all the Barn Owl’s statistics-the # of rodents they consume, don’t eat cat’s, they are found globally which gives us the opportunity to exchange information with other areas of the world. I was on that radio begging for mice money. At times in a young owls life they may eat as many as 8 mice a day. Do the math. Bottom line: These creatures are perhaps one of the if not THE most valuable on this planet simply because to the food it eats. And we ….no not me. THEY are poisoning them. I have a video of one of the owlets taking it’s last breath, dying from a poisoned mouse someone caught in a trap and saved for me. The moment I smelled the owlets’ breath I recognized it. I no longer accept any wild mice. I also know first hand, it doesn’t take long before a new generation of mouse comes along that is immune to the poison. I’ve seen it when I lived in Seattle.
    Everyone talks about going green. Growers claim bragging rights because they are certified organic. pfffft “Synthetic Organic Rodenticide” is the oxymoron that I keep hearing…really? .
    And now the wineries are adding “Water Features” to their properties, complete with koi. Well guess what? THere are more animals around here that will eat them than those that won’t. And they will keep coming back until every one is gone. I’m guessing the illegals will shoot whatever is bothering the “water feature” under the cover of darkness .They’ll do anything they are told.
    Im done.
    I just want to market the Barn Owl…in a good way. I need help. I can’t afford to continue and can’t bear knowing many will die without me.